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Aadhar card application Form online appointment (Aadhar appointment)

How to book an appointment for aadhar card application process

The aadhaar card is a unique identification number which is used for several purposes opening a bank account, passports, phone connections as well as many others. The primary objective of the aadhaar was to create it easier as well as simpler for people to access government subsidies and have one specific number that would work as proof of address as well as proof of identity. Another the major reason is that the government has cited for the creation of this is helps curb illegal use of the country. It is a card that can replace the need for driver’s licenses or passports. It also does not identify a single person as part of a family nor can some individuals own more than one aadhaar number. It is a unique number which under an every person details are stored.  An appointment is not strictly essential as you can just simply walk into the aadhaar center and enroll too. But, you are booking one then, you can sure that the entire process becomes a little bit smoother as well as it can aid sure that you do not have to wait in line for your turn. This is a very easy as well as simple thing to do and can do online also.

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Booking Aadhar appointments from the online

Here are the provided some steps to booking an appointment from the online. So, if you want to book an appointment from the online, then you can try to follow those simple as well as easy steps.

  1. • Firstly, you have to visit the official website, and then after the page loads, you will be presented with a form to book an appointment.
  2. • The initial part of the application form will collect all your details about you and your contact information.
  3. • They will ask you about the number of people those who need to come for this appointment.
  4. • You can select the city as well as a center that you wish to visit.
  5. • You will also be shown a choice to see the available slots where the booked slots will be marked in red as well as that also available ones in green.
  6. • After you have to pick the slot, then, you have to enter the date and time of the appointment in the third section.
  7. • Then, you will fix an appointment to confirm the visit. You can also change any of the details as you fix the dates so make sure all the info entered by you is exact.
  8. So, these are steps to booking the appointment and apply the application process through the online website.

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Adhar Card Form

The individual who needs aadhaar card enrollment form need to make sure following guides. The aadhaar enrollment is a simple process via online. It needs you to follow step-by-step process without skip anything. This process initially begins with appointment and end in the submission of the online form and with essential documents. The online forms for aadhaar appear in two varieties. The first enrollment form and next one change or make a correction. These two forms will gather the essential details to join you for the aadhaar program or details required for correction of further changes.

Aadhaar enrollment form via online:-

It is a most significant form to receive aadhaar card. The user will use the first time while aadhar card register.

  • The fundamental details of the person required in the enrollment form such as the name of the individual, date of birth, communication address and appropriate contact information.
  • It will specifically gather the details about the parent’s mandatory if the person under 5 years of age.
  • The upcoming two sections of the form where you provide UIDAI different permissions related to bank details, consent for enclosure in the beneficial schemes and link aadhaar with bank accounts.
  • Because of the aadhaar enrollment under the documents that maintain the details and next section where you select and how you are going to check the information.
  • If you have the required documents can name them on the application form to show on submission.
  • If you don’t obtain address or identity, you can utilize the head or introducer of the family services.
  • You will also obtain to attest the form by the head of the household or introducer and if you don’t get necessary documents.

Guides to fill up enrollment application form:-

If you are a beginner or inexperienced user can utilize the effective guides and make the application filling process in the right way. Bear in mind, the guides before you ready to fill the application and make sure form valid.

  • Capital letters only: Initially, the aadhaar enrollment application required to fill up by the individual with capital letters in the clear format. The capital letters recommended because of they are easy to understand, less hassle of difference in handwriting and bigger. It will reduce the errors made by the data entry staff into the system.
  • Write legibly: Keep the writing format clear and easily readable, or else mistakes or errors will present in the card. And then, you have to go through the correction process, and it will delay receiving aadhaar card.

Fields on the application form:-

The aadhaar enrollment application form includes 11 fields should fill up by the candidate carefully without mistakes done anymore.

  • Pre-enrollment ID: You have to give the fundamental demographic details via online service to the UIDAI. You have to enter into the official website and provide details like name, date of birth, contact address and get acknowledgment number. It is the valid pre-enrolment ID.
  • TIN number or NPR receipt: If you have Tax Identification Number or National Population Register can give it in the appropriate field or leave it.
  • Full name: You have to give the full name of yours, or others name appropriate includes first name, middle, and surname or last name. The entered name of the candidate should match given identity proof.
  • Gender: You have to provide direction if you are male, female or others in the form.
  • Date of birth: You have to give more importance while filling date of birth because of many mistakes did here. Give the date of birth with right format DD/MM/YYYY and tick verified field.
  • Address: The address detail is also mandatory without mistakes, and you have to give right information like district, pin code, house number, and mobile number.
  • Family member’s details: You have to father, mother, guardian, husband or wife and name along with aadhaar number.
  • Consent: Make sure before you tick if you no objection on linking a bank account with aadhaar number can give below important details.
  • Documents provided: You can see four options like POI (Proof of Identity), POA (Proof of Address), POR (Proof of Relationship) and DOB (Date of Birth) mandatory field.
  • Bank account: It is not mandatory, and you can select to open the fresh aadhaar link with the bank account or post office or prefer to link with the existing bank details to the created aadhaar number. Carefully fill the bank details in the form without mistakes and check twice for confirmation without errors.
  • Introducer or head of the family: If you do not obtain address or identity can utilize the credentials of the head of the family or introducer to join yourself into the form.
  • Signature: Sign in the application form with the regular signature, thumbprint or name to verify the form.

Aadhaar card correction application:-

The majority of the aadhaar card users make use of the correction form to make changes to the wrong entry presented in the aadhaar card. It meant for the person to denote to the Aadhaar authorities that change of details or want to be corrected. This correction form specifically utilized if you do not have the internet or online access for correction or updating process of aadhaar data or if you lost or not using longer period using the mobile number registered.

  • You have to denote the right details that you request to change in the aadhaar card.
  • If you need to change the wrongly entered name, you have to provide an appropriate name for the modification.
  • Initially, the aadhaar correction form filled in the local language as well English.
  • You have to make sure the documents mentioned in the submission of the proof.
  • Keep in mind that you get required detail correction document attested with the application form and send directly to the address.

Make use of the above-mentioned effective guides for the aadhaar enrollment form and changes in the application form in an efficient manner.

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